About us

SAAD - ASSAF is a company specializing in the cultivation of top quality flower bulbs for both Dry Sale and Potted Plant markets.

We are specializing in the popular Amaryllis Hippeastrum and Canna.

Saad-Assaf is located in Kibbutz Saad in the south of Israel, not far from the Mediterranean Coast. Climatic conditions here are optimal for the cultivation of flower bulbs.

At Saad-Assaf we cultivate many varieties of Amaryllis, some of our own hybrids under the name "Mediterranean Amaryllis™", and many varieties of Canna in several brilliant colors, especially dwarf varieties. Some of the Canna Varieties are our own hybrids, under the name "Canna Elite™", some we grow for a private company and the others are open stock. Our company is the largest Canna and Amaryllis grower in Israel and one of the largest in the world.

Saad-Assaf's specialty is superior bulb quality. Our production methods utilize modern growing technology and all tasks are carried out under strict sanitary conditions to ensure healthy bulbs. Both the Amaryllis and the Canna are grown from true-to-type stocks.

Saad-Assaf staff carefully oversees the entire growth process from reproduction until the bulbs are safely delivered.

We follow the bulbs' progress during shipment, delivery, and storage at final destination.


Our staff includes experienced growers whose goal is to ensure supply of superior quality flower bulbs to our valued customers around the globe, many of whom are among the largest flower bulb suppliers in the world.

As one of the leaders in bulb cultivation and supply, Saad - Assaf is committed to the high quality of our products. We provide full support to our clients, giving consultation and technical assistance for any questions that might arise after bulbs have been planted.


To view more of our daily routine, you are welcomed to visit us in the nurseries, or you can visit the gallery.