The story begins in 1992, Azriel has started to grow Amaryllis bulbs in an open field, next to his home. A few years of progress and he felt it's time to expand. One of his closest friends knew Itzik Lychter, who was the manager of the greenhouses complex of Kibbutz Saad - a small settlement in the northern part of the Negev.

Azriel reached out to Kibbutz Saad and start a trial with Amaryllis bulbs growing in a greenhouse. This experiment went very well, so they decided to establish a partnership - Azriel and Kibbutz Saad.

At the beginning there were just two greenhouses in an area of 20 hectares, the yield were about 30,000 bulbs per year.


Today, we are growing almost 2,000,000 Amaryllis bulbs in 140 hectares of greenhouses.