Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D)


Breeding Program

In 1997 we have started a Breeding Program in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Organization in Volcani institute. We are investing significant efforts and using advanced methods in order to make better and more unique varieties of Amaryllis and Canna.

So far we have developed more than 50 successful and unique varieties of Amaryllis and Canna - You can see the results in our catalog!

Some of our new varieties are patented in the United States and in Europe, sold in commercial amounts.


You can find our special varieties in the catalog.

Amaryllis varieties in "Amaryllis-IL" catalog, and Canna under "Canna Elite™" series.


Integrated Pest management
As we are committed to environment, we are continually seeking for innovative enviro-friendly ways to deal with agricultural pests. Not only by testing new pesticides, but rather by testing ways of application and optimal timing for the best results.

Growth Methods and Technology

There is always something new under the sun! We are constantly seeking for these small changes that make a big difference, allowing us to save water, fertilizers, time and energy, yet, still producing high quality bulbs.