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Canna Rhizomes

Storing & Growing Instructions

In order to make the best of your rhizomes, you must keep the cooling chain we have started at packing in a container. The temperature range is 50F - 59F (10-15C ) and should be fixed. Any prolonged. change in Temp. will lead to humidity changes and huge opportunities for microorganisms to start working on rotting processes. Canna Indica is a tropical plant. Any exposure to temperatures lower than 50F (10C) will lead to damages. Keep your shipment protected!


General information

  • Height: 45 - 70 cm (Dwarf varieties) 80-150 cm (Normal varieties) 150-250 cm (Giant varieties)

  • Leaf color: green, purplish, striped

  • Bloom color: red, white, pink, yellow, orange, spotted

  • Dormancy-breaking requirements: none

  • Winter hardiness: non-hardy

  • Methods of storage: in barely moist peat at 50F (10°C), very little or no air circulation.

  • Period of availability: December - February


Programming for pot production

  • Storage temperature awaiting planting: 50 - 59F (10-15C) must not dry out

  • Planting period: January – May Planting media temperature should be 62.5- 68F (17-20 0C)

  • PGR: Recommended - dipping the rhizomes for 10 minutes, Paclobutrazol 400 ppm or Unicunazol 30 ppm, right before planting The dwarf varieties don't require any PGR.

  • Rooting medium: well-drained, moisture-retentive rooting medium or standard potting compost, pH 6 - 7

  • Planting depth: 2 - 3 cm over the rhizome

  • Watering: plant in the normal moist rooting medium, water lightly after planting, taking care not to overwater.

  • Housing time: after planting

  • Fertilizer: light basic fertilization

  • Greenhouse environment: 20°C; R.H. 60 - 80%

  • Light requirements: up to 1,000 joules/cm2/day, then shade

  • Greenhouse period: 12 - 16 weeks (full bloom), 8-12 weeks (1st blooming stem)

  • Watering: normal, the more leaves, the more water


Dry sale

  • Storage temperature awaiting packing: 50F - 59F (10-15C ) must not dry out

  • Storage period: no more than one month.

  • Packing: in aerated bags/ boxes with barely moist peat

  • Shelf life: 6-8 weeks (Temp. 50F - 68F)

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