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Our Team Members

The Most Valuable Resource


Azriel Assaf

M.Sc Agronomist

General Manager

Founder and owner of Saad-Assaf.
Azriel is in the flower bulbs business for almost 40 years!



Yair Assaf

M.A Business Administrator

Marketing Coordinator

Yair operates Saad-Assaf marketing and distribution system.
He is also 2nd generation in the business...



Elazar Ben Gedalyahu

M.Sc Agronomist

Breeding Program Manager

Elazar responsible for all Saad-Assaf future stock. He creates new varieties of Amaryllis and Canna, manages our varieties and refreshing our mother stock.



Itsik Lichter

Logistics Manager

Itsik knows every worker and every screw around Saad-Assaf complex.



Nir Lichter

Seed Production Manager

Nir is in charge of Saad-Assaf hybrid seeds program. This is a program runs by Hazera Seeds co.
He is also 2nd generation in the business...



Orly Kersenti

Account and Office Management

Orly runs and operate our office, accountants and human source.



Shai Assaf

M.Sc Agronomist

Head Grower

Shai manages and leads quality control, pest management, fertilization and irrigation. He's engaged in the growing, care and maintenance of all company's products. And he's also 2nd generation in the business.


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