Virus-Free Canna

Our Protocol

Is that so?

Saad-Assaf has never claimed that their field-grown rhizomes are virus indexed Cannas. We are however sure that they are the cleanest regular stocks in the market due to careful following of the growing protocol.

The process begins with clean Tissue Culture plantlets weaned and grown in a Nuclear House.

From these plants, our Mother Stock is produced in a protected greenhouse.

The third step is to produce commercial crops in isolated fields.

The meaning of this process is - that the first steps toward mass production are controlled with clean plants under sterilized conditions.

Saad-Assaf is diligent to keep this stock as clean as possible until it gets to our customers- protected Mother Stock greenhouse and isolated fields.



  • From the moment of harvest in Mother Stock greenhouse there are multiple ways of contamination:

    • Cutting rhizomes

    • Storing masses until planting

    • Planting and growing in an open field for 9 months. As much as this field is isolated in the middle of the Negev desert- we cannot guarantee 0% contamination.

    • Harvest, cutting, sorting, and packing before shipment to our customers.



  • We know that not all producing steps are in a sterile environment.

  • We know where are critical control points in our producing process and we focus on them.

  • We know that difficulties are challenging. We do not know of any other company, which has invested in developing such a sustainable protocol for delivery of good quality canna rhizomes We know that although they are not 100% virus-free, Our Cannas are probably the cleanest Cannas rhizomes in the world.