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Canny - Canna Starters
A New Concept


We at Saad-Assaf nursery are committed to supplying our customers with high-added value products. We provide the most excellent varieties and ship them in the highest quality.

In the last couple of years, we've developed a new product that combines all advantages for this purpose.


Our new and innovative product called:









Early-stage Canna starters.


A new product that combines all known advantages for Canna growing.

These starters are small rhizome cuts in the size of 10cm \ 4"  high, grown in a controlled atmosphere, with a pest-free greenhouse ambiance. Quickly packed and sent out to nurseries for use as a liner, and\or finished pots.

Canny can be produced in any quantity from any variety, they grow faster and better than any other way!

10 weeks (4).jpg

Final Pot Planting

After receiving the starters you can plants them directly in a pot.

They will be ready in 8-12 weeks 



After receiving the starters you can plants them in a tray.

They will be ready in 3-5 weeks 

Simply Smart, Simply Better


Can be produced from any variety


Allows longer season (November till May)


Grows in the center of the pot


More durable than T.C

Saves Energy

Faster growing


Easy to root


Minimum loss (<2%)






Easy & cheaper for air freight

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