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Amaryllis Bulbs
Growing Tips & Caring Instructions

Amaryllis bulbs are almost the largest bulbs you can find in nature, and their flowers are just amazing!

Growing an Amaryllis plant isn't difficult if you just follow the instructions.

Amaryllis bulbs aren't hardy when it comes to extreme cold and/or frost, so make sure to avoid these temperatures.

Programming for pot production

  • Storage temperature awaiting planting: 50 - 59F (10-15C) 

  • Planting period for the garden: January – May Planting media temperature should be 62.5- 68F (17-20 0C)

  • Rooting medium: well-drained, moisture-retentive rooting medium or standard potting compost, pH 6 - 7

  • Planting depth: 3/4 of the bulbs in the soil

  • Watering: plant in the normal moist rooting medium, water lightly after planting, taking care not to overwater.

  • Housing time: after planting

  • Fertilizer: light basic fertilization

  • Greenhouse environment: 20°C; R.H. 60 - 80%


Dry sale

  • Storage temperature awaiting packing: 41F - 49F (5-10C ) 

  • Storage period: up to 6 months

  • Packing: dry, in aerated bags/ boxes with

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