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Keukenhof 2019

Keukenhof 2022


Thank you for visiting Keukenhof gardens and we hope you've enjoyed our flower exhibition! 

We are presenting our latest and most spectacular varieties in Keukenhof every year.

For more info, please feel free to explore our website or contact us directly!

Glee Amryllis
Glee Amaryllis is one of a kind. Spectacular and joyful flower that no one can ignore it. It's colors and it's presence will make your living room and garden "Glee".
Tangerine Twist (1)_edited.jpg
Orient red Amaryllis
Elegant, spectacular and yet very simple. Deep Orient red color, large flowers and multi-stems bulb makes this variety just brilliant.
Bellini Amaryllis
Large tangerine-orange color with light color petals on it's back. This twist makes it look special and a bit different from every angle.
China Star Amaryllis
China Star
Double layered red-white Amaryllis. Our Star of China was born for the Chinese market but can be fit all around the globe. 

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